Thembo Kash the Congo cartoonist with a sharp eye

Thembo Muhindo Kashauri better known as Thembo Kash is a cartoonist in Congo whose quick wit and sharp eye turns the Congolese skill for word-play and mockery into cartoons that are highly popular in a country where speaking out can land you in prison.

He works in Kinshasa but he is originally from Butembo and then Beni in the north-east of the country – a place that still wriggles to evade the grip of Kinshasa and no-one is ever a hundred percent sure who is in control.

Kash can never be accused of being partisan, his mockery is reserved for all politicians including the foreign policy-makers from international governments.

His work appears in the Congolese and international press including Le Phare, Le Potential, Jeune Afrique, and he has produced numerous graphic novels.

“I’ve drawn Congo as a cake. People are helping themselves, but the Congolese don’t benefit from it.”

There are some great examples of his work on RNW along with his explanations of them.

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